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If you can, tie them down to the bed. It would be a nasty surprise indeed if you had guests around and they found the possessed going to the toilet in the hallway (not only is it embarrassing, but it will stain your lovely new Persian rug).

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pandora jewelry you could thread 22 gage wire through
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鈼?2 This bracelet key ring can be worn around the wrist or carried in a pocket or handbagBRACELET KEY RINGThis is an alternative to wearing a key on a chain around your neck. The easiest way to make a bracelet is to use stretchable jewelry "wire". This bracelet is made with alphabet beads to resemble a baby bracelet.

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Remember, if just one person did something smart or unusual 50kya, we would be unlikely to know about it- the thing would most likely have had to be done repeatedly, by many people, before one instance would happen to persist long enough for us to find it.
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